Amanda Edmiston Storyteller, Artist and Writer

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Storytelling and Reminiscence for older people

For the past 4 years Amanda Edmiston has worked on the Living Voices project a collaboration between the Scottish Storytelling Centre and The Scottish Poetry Library, which has taken sessions involving a creative mixture of reminiscence, storytelling, conversation, poetry and song into care homes and sheltered housing complexes across Scotland.
The link highlighted in green above will lead you to a page of resources, evaluation and further info. Living Voices has now entered it's third stage and Amanda is currently delivering training sessions for librarians in Aberdeen with musician Christine Kydd, the sessions are designed to give participants the skills and awareness needed to work with older peoples groups using objects to engage and facilitate reminiscence and story sharing.
 Amanda continues to be available to work with older peoples groups using the skills and experience she has built up over the last 4 years as a freelance practitioner outwith the project.
Storytelling and reminiscence sessions are a great way to explore creativity and social inclusion in adult groups of all ages and abilities and Amanda has worked with groups with a diverse range of needs, from people suffering from dementia and learning difficulties to women's friendship groups to name but a few. Guided reminiscence interlinked with relevant storytelling is a highly successful and interesting way of engaging intergenerational groups, allowing schools to learn more about there local community from the stories of the older people living there and for heritage sites and community projects to create sustainable outreach aspects, creating a sense of belonging, self worth and pride in place.

Sessions in care homes and sheltered housing are at their most effective when delivered alongside a CPD session for care staff or residents family and allow for effective use of resources and storytelling over time, staff and family are encouraged to attend as part of group sessions and previous participants have commented on how lovely it has been to have a new experience to share with loved ones.

Amanda is currently working with musician Christine Kydd in Aberdeen on the third phase of Living Voices, training library staff to curate collections of objects linked to stories, poems and songs and themes for use in reminiscence session...this new part of the project has been hugely enjoyable for all involved...some of the amazing responses can be seen below.

For details of Amanda's work with older peoples groups email [email protected]
For details of Living Voices please get in touch with the Scottish Poetry Library