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Gothic fairy tales for a grown up audience

Poison garden gate Amanda Edmiston 2016
Atropa Nights postcard photo courtesy of Shauna McGregor
Atropa Nights came about when I was researching herbal plant stories and kept realising how many of them were too dark for children's ears, full of death, hallucinations, historical poisonings, addiction, supernatural beings and other worldly romance.
I started writing, including elements of classic literature, historical use and with beautiful haunting new music from Louise Cairns, Atropa Nights the Poison stories was born.
We have been fortunate enough to receive amazing feedback from sell out audiences at The Victorian Bar at Glasgow's Tron theatre and The Secret Herb garden in Lothianburn amongst others.
The performance runs for approx 60 mins and can be adapted to suit any space, with modest tech requirements (none if you have a piano, a electric socket if you don't will suffice!). It is best delivered to an audience of 30 to 60 seated in cabaret with a glass of (non-poisoned) wine to hand!
We are happy to travel and discuss options please get in touch.
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[email protected]  tel: 01786 842831
Hear a snippet of the music 'Belladonna' above, for more of Louise's gorgeous music click here:
Witchcraft poster 2015
Following  the fantastic enthusiastic response we had to Atropa Nights, I received a commission from an American project who wanted to take a look at the role of women in mid-life and beyond in stories.
They were mainly cast in the role of witch, wicked queen, mother,  stepmother, hmmm thought I but what were they doing before this, what are they doing in their own lives, so I wrote 'Enchanting' a look at the lives of three famous witches from fairy tales.
Enchanting will be released in the near future as part of the project.
Inspired by this Louise and I went on to create Witchcraft, a dark, haunting and occasionally  humorous look at Witches from history and fiction. Witchcraft, runs to a similar model, tech spec etc as Atropa Nights and is around 70 mins long and both are available to tour/book for Autumn 2017 onwards.
For fans of Scottish history, herbal medicine, haunting tales, humour and beautiful music!
Props from Witchcraft