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A Scottish Herbal Storytelling Project

In  July 2016 I was lucky enough to be awarded a Tasgadh, traditional arts small grant from Feisean nan Gaidheal , to research and develop a project which collected and created stories around the traditional plant use mentioned in some of the archive material found in Tobar an Dualchais.
As part of the project I  delivered work with intergenerational elements, to a range of groups including older people, community members and local schools and compiled a set of resources, relayed via my blog in order to preserve some of the plant stories and other material which I hope to build on over the next few years. Many of the sessions with Doune and Deanston Primary Schools involved the children collecting memories from older family members and incorporating them into visual art works, using them to build on and illustrate the stories using natural, seasonal and found objects.
These beautiful pictures, some of the stories, photographs of the project in action by photographer Jane Sumner and the Kist resulted in a really well received exhibition at The Scottish Storytelling Centre during September and October 2017. 
The accompanying family workshop 'Herbal Magic and Potent Potions' (a Kist Scottish special)was a sell out...we had huge amounts of fun...and you can see pics by the brilliant Deborah Mullen of the event below.

I am also really excited to announce that the exhibition is now on its way to The Macrobert Art Centre in Stirling for May 2018 with accompanying schools workshops (if you'd like to book a workshop in  your school do get in touch at: [email protected]  For more details of the event at The Macrobert and tie ins there contact them direct at [email protected] or follow me on facebook for news and updates

If anyone would like to share their favourite Scottish herbal stories as part of the project, or if you would like to book a session based around some of the work I've been doing as part of the project then please get in touch. For more details on some of my work on A Kist in Thyme please visit my  blog and  check back or get in touch for more details or to find out about related forthcoming events. I'll also be tweeting and adding material on my facebook page (see home page for links ) with the hashtag #KistinThyme Amanda Edmiston February 2018

Botanical storytelling works on a number of levels and in many ways, from the simple sharing and passing on of folklore, a glimpse through the garden gate at the way we've worked with plants throughout history to a fun and dynamic way of exciting interest in herbs, food, foraging and the environment.

It can also be a way of connecting with ourselves and our flora - a bit of what used to be called magic - that we now explain with ideas of creative visualisation, scientific theories and energetic medicine...I'm still working on a nice intelligent but beautiful explanation that shares the dreamy magical quality whilst appealing to my practical nature, I'm not totally there yet but this blog is at least a start!


'Fascinated by plants and how we use them from an early age, it seemed only natural to go on to study herbal medicine .
When my first child was born everything fell into place I could take key elements of my years spent running restaurants, my first degree in law and passion for human rights, my knowledge of plants and the way they serve to connect us to each other and our planet, benefit our physical and emotional health, my heritage as a storytellers daughter and my love of history and folklore and turn it into my career.
It was a real turning point, I could combine everything I loved and even better, it seems to really resonate with other people too.'

Amanda Edmiston researches, collects, writes and retells stories which feature the way we interact with plants.
Workshops, writing, performance and interactive  storytelling     sessions available for all ages. Amanda has created  sessions      for international gatherings of  herbalists, Achamore Gardens Trust, Herbfest in Dorset, Battle of Bannockburn Physic Garden,  Chelsea Physic Garden in London and Edinburgh International Science festival amongst others.
She is currently working on an intergenerational project with Rutherglen based community gardening group Grow 73 developing a story, sculpture and nature trail in Overtoun Park, the project seeks to connect restory and regrow our land and communities, more details and the stories can be found here;