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Eclipses? Equinoxes? Birthday Animals???

So we've had an eclipse and a gorgeous spring equinox and I have tales of ravenous wolves, rosemary, juniper, museums, radio shows and wars to share…but do you know my maternity leave ends next week…so I'm going to indulge myself and tell you a family anecdote, sometimes the best type of story to share…the sort children grow memories out of, ( like the time my dad saw a double decker bus drive under a low bridge and lose it's upper deck, or the time my Aunty was, as a small child lost for hours due to being trapped in the 'bed tuck' of the blankets), they're the sort of stories I get groups sharing, even the groups who tell me they 'don't know any stories' can tell gems about unpleasant habits of family members or the time there little brother got a walnut wedged up his nose (yes…really, a walnut….

The Deeside Lavender Project


LAVINIA'S LAVENDER  is a story I developed for another project in 2013 'the lavender project' created by the lovely Helen Smith the vibrant and stunning Woodend barn arts centre Banchory Aberdeenshire, the former home of Scotland's lavender industry. 

Unbeknownst to many, Deeside once had it's own cultivar of lavender, this mediterranean herb had made cold, granite clad Aberdeen the place of my birth it's home.

Rolled from the snow of spring, Tree's icy embellishment an

 Snow Girls and Nature adorns...icy embellishments

We had a day or two of embracing the freeze, the older child got a beautiful book of Russian folktales for her Christmas from her beautiful storytelling Granny  …and we revisited one of our snow story favourites: Snow Girl…there are several versions out there…inevitably in many, dare I say it …sssshhhhhh…shhhheeee melts…of course, but seeing as one of mine is born on the Winter equinox under a blue moon, and was utterly unexpected but much longed for and came at a very high price…I don't like to court disaster, I like my Snow Girl story to be rolled from the Snow of Spring and be browned in the Summer sun…so this is one of my favourite versions of the traditional Russian tale: 

Valentines Day: Heather legends, Storytelling talks and sessions with adults…a great evening with Amicale

I've been starting to concentrate on my plant stories again, officially I'm still on maternity leave following the birth of my second lovely bundle of gorgeousness last summer. Spending my days exploring new places with the new baba…being intrigued by trysting stones, seduced by hibernating heather snow clad mountains.

But being self employed means you need to keep a hand in and a track on your admin…so I've carefully planned working the ten days the government says I can over the the period.

A Mouse's Tale #BurnsUnbound at The National Museum of Rural life


When I first got the call from Nicki Bray, the charming and dynamic learning officer at The National Museum of Rural Life at Wester Kittochside, a short drive from Glasgow, I was very excited. Storytelling at fantastic spots that you personally love and enjoy visiting is one of my favourite perks of the job!
The museum is a fantastic collaboration between the National Trust for Scotland and the National Museums

Hidden spaces in a dear green place


This is the gate into my Glasgow…the one that drew me in…a gothic doorway into a cherished plant filled space. Now as we planned to leave, my daughter and I decided to create a photographic record of the stories we discovered whilst we were here, the hidden spaces in this dear green place.

A beautiful project caught my eye 'Hold Me Dear' an online photographic gallery of places people hold dear accompanied by a few words of the emotions and thoughts they linked to the place founded and curated by

Battlefield Spiral Stories: a guide to the plants and a tale or two

For your copy of our lovely little A5 spiral bound book click here and for £5 (no extra p+p in the UK) I'll post you one out!

Blog post to follow shortly! 

But in the meantime here are a few pics from the lovely book we made and a button (above) to enable you to buy a copy!

Children from Playing oot helped make 'sun prints' for The Battlefield Marathon 

Front cover design by Caroline Campbell, using plastercasts created by local children and families at our 'Illustrated' workshop in the Battlefield community garden in August 2013

Battlefield community project songs and stories

Four Marys
Cath Campbell, Amanda Edmiston and the group from Finn's Place, Glasgow.
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Atropa Nights: schedule three stories from the back of the poisoners almanac, tales of dangerous plants, wilful women and the men who loved them!

Well its nearly upon 
us....Atropa Nights is at the Tron theatre Victorian Bar Thursday and Friday the 17th and 18th of October half are a mere £7 through the box office, for that you get 4 stories told by me and four beautiful pieces of piano music played live by the incredibly talented Louise Cairns. It also comes complete with an amazing bit of corsetry and costume by the fabulous Betty Spoke.
There thats the plug bit done.

Living Voices

Living Voices a snapshot of a session….the planning and delivery 

Living Voices is a pilot project developed by the Scottish Poetry Library in conjunction with The Scottish Storytelling Centre, it has engaged professional poets, musicians and storytellers (of whom I'm one) to deliver workshops in care homes in three areas of Scotland, telling stories, reading poetry and singing a song or two, working with participants with a variety of needs ( including dementia and sensory impairment), the care home staff and volunteers.
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