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From time to time I make and sell a herbal storytelling box...

If you ask nicely and cross my palm with gold I'll make you one especially...

My eldest daughter and I have been creating handmade, herbal storyteller dolls each with their own story and tiny charms and props. Each will come with a bag of the herb from her story for you to infuse and sip as you read her tale. We have been using beautiful recycled fabric and maps to dress them, handpainting faces and finding charms and props from button boxes and forest floors to create each one's personal kit. We aim to give each one her own blog post, so you can find out about the waters each one is washed in, the crystals used to dress their hair, the origins of each item they so far has paddled in the River Clyde and another has washed her hair in a pool caught in the roots of a clootie tree. I also hope over the next few months to record each ones story and add a code to the parcel they arrive in so you can watch or hear the stories they tell.

They should be ready to start travelling on their way sharing stories in the next few weeks but meanwhile if you'd like to pre-order or know a little more please just email and I'll get back to you.

I've also been wondering about creating little parcels of  story things with tales attached for lovely folk who enjoy my blog and want to engage with the workshops and stories, or for teachers who fancy using the sessions from further afield and would like me to send them the things I use and a resource the travellers journal packs I put together for Aberdour castle (you can find out more here: ) they wouldn't cost much and I'd love to know if you'd like them?

So these are my intentions for a little herbal storytelling shop of delights, feedback and expressions of interest would be amazing, and do come back soon and check how I'm getting on!

Thank you so much.

Very Warm Wishes

Amanda x


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